Rainbow P-12 College is one of the newest P-12 Colleges in the state (becoming P-12 in 2015 with the official merging of Rainbow Primary School & Rainbow Secondary College)

This is an exciting time to be involved in education at Rainbow. Our current Strategic Plan maps out a detailed plan for the development and support of an innovative and challenging curriculum. At Rainbow P-12 we take a holsitic approach to learning providing programs that cater for the social, emotional and academic growth of each individual student.  A number of new initiatives have been put in place to offer a unique brand of true P-12 schooling.

Our mission

To develop in its students the passion and skills to learn, grow and succeed in life; academically, socially and emotionally. The College also sees its mission as providing a safe, evolving and positive environment.

Our vision

Working towards becoming a College that is at the leading edge of innovative , student-orientated and flexible learning of the future and being part of  a wider collaborative learning community.

Our Character strengths

Optimism, Grit, Social Intelligence, Zest, Curiosity, Self-Control & Gratitude