Hands on Learning

Hands On Learning (HOL) is a new program that encourages students to engage and achieve at school whilst also building confidence and skills. One day a week, up to ten students spend the day outside the classroom developing teamwork and leadership skills. Rainbow p-12 College encourage HOL students to be involved with projects around the school and the wider community, as well as their own benefit. The HOL hut is the Homebase for the HOL students; it is a converted shed on school grounds located at West Paddock. This is where students prepare and share meals and organise their activities.


Dreamchasers is exactly what it sounds like, chasing your dreams. At Rainbow P-12, we encourage students at Year 9 level to think big, get creative and to set goals. Dreamchasers allows students to put their ideas into action. All students develop many vital skills during this subject. We work on many different ideas and events to ensure the students develop and progress in a range of abilities.

Students expand on these skills by participating in activities that focus on public liaison, telephone skills, writing formal letters, communication as they also interact with the wider community. These skills are applied when planning fundraising events for their annual camp as well as part of their community project. Dreamchasers also focuses on employability skills. This is where students research the ins and outs of different careers, develop a resume and participate in courses that will give them extra qualifications such as First Aid. This is all to get them prepared for life outside of school and to get them involved in the community to understand the value of civic duty.


Rainbow P-12 offers a wide range of Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities To Year 10 and above in skill based subjects such as : Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty & hairdressing, Building & Construction, Community Services, Dance, Drama, Electrotechnology, Health, Hospitality, Music, Plumbing & Visual Arts.

These and other courses (depending on demand) are provided in pathways with the Wimmera Trade Training Centre, Federation Univeristy, Horsham Learning Centre, Skillinvest and Horsham College (as well as Rainbow P-12 and Hopetoun P-12 College).

Students spend one day a week (usually travelling to Horsham) at these sites gaining competencies in predominantly Certificate II subjects.

There is also a “Try-a-VET” day in third term for Year 9 students to investigate whether they want to enrol in VET in Year 10.


In line with the new Victorian Curriculum Rainbow P-12 College offers DigiTech as a subject from Foundation (Prep) to Year 10. The main elements of the course are Digital systems, data & information and Creating digital solutions. The students will learn the basics of coding and computational thinking in both the unplugged format (no computers) and via a number of robotic and Lego sets.


Avocados is a program where every student from P-12 is placed in a small group (5-6 students) with a specific teacher for 15 minutes at the end of every Monday lunchtime. The purpose of this time together is to build relationships amongst students and between students and staff. It is also used as a time to reflect on our school values and character strengths as well as participate in team building and fun activities. It is to encourage connectedness with peers and the school to ensure that we provide as many protective factors for our students as possible.


Music is offered to all students at rainbow P-12 College. Students can elect to join the instrumental and singing program, which operates through withdrawal from regular classes for one lesson per week. At the junior level piano is offered, whilst at the senior level most instruments including voice are taught.

At the junior level, music is taught as a classroom subject, ensuring that all students have access to some musical education. There is also the opportunity to join either the junior or senior choir which practises during lunchtimes throughout the year.


Shake, Rattle & Read

“Shake, Rattle & Read” is a fun pre-school pre-reading programme. The purpose of the programme is to support parents, grandparents and caregivers through the sharing of rhymes, songs, and storybooks with kids. The program teaches rhymes for parents to use daily with their child/children from birth to kinder age in a fun and interactive way.


The Quicksmart program is an intervention strategy that addresses both literacy and numeracy outcomes for educationally disadvantaged students. Its purpose is to provide necessary tuition and support to students who are currently experiencing difficulties in these areas within a motivational learning environment. The intervention aims to improve student’s information retrieval times to levels that free working memory capacity from an excessive focus on routine tasks. This allows students to refocus their brain on higher-order mental processing.

Breakfast Club

The College runs a breakfast club each week from Tue-Thu. Students have access to toast, juice, cereal and milo before school on these days. Each term we also run a “Big Breakfast” which might include something special on the menu like pancakes, scrambled eggs or waffles.

Our Space

Each year level group (P-2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 & VCE) will have designated areas, both out in the yard and specific class areas to look after for the year. The purpose of this activity (which will hopefully happen at least once a term) is :

  • To keep the school looking neat and tidy
  • To develop a sense of ownership and pride in the school
  • To encourage team work and community spirit

The “Our Space” activity fits into our curriculum in a number of ways:

  1. It fits into our Positive Education framework under the M of PERMA which refers to meaning which relates to our efforts to encourage students to get involved in community activities
  2. It also fits into the new Victorian Curriculum civics and citizenship component of the Humanities course.

Tech Area

The College has developed a Techspace located in a corner of the junior building. This area provides students access to a wide variety of technology such as a 3D printer, Lego, Sphero, Ollie, Dash & Dot, Ozobots, video cameras and Osmo just to name a few. The Techspace is open to students during a number of lunchtimes a week.

The College recently purchased a NAO humanoid robot. This will be used in a variety of classes from P-12 to introduce coding, computational thinking and problem solving skills.

Tech Area