At Rainbow P-12 College, our core purpose is to work with families and the community to develop highly successful young people.

We want our students to be successful in all facets of life, including: work, family and relationships, community and citizenship and lifelong learning.

We actively promote, nurture, model and acknowledge seven character strengths widely recognised as the building blocks of highly successful people:


  • You believe that putting in effort will make a positive difference to what you are able to achieve
  • You stay motivated when things don’t go well or go to plan
  • When bad things happen, you think of things that could be done to improve the situation


  • You finish what you begin
  • You try very hard, even after experiencing failure
  • You stay committed to your goals
  • You keep working hard, even when you feel like quitting


  • You actively participate and try to do your best
  • You show enthusiasm and invigorate others around you
  • You approach new situations with excitement and energy


  • You are eager to explore and learn new things
  • You ask questions to help you better learn and understand
  • You take an active interest in your learning and the learning of others


  • You come to class/work properly prepared
  • You remember and follow directions
  • You pay attention to your work and resist distractions
  • You keep your temper in check, even when provoked
  • You allow others to speak without interruption

Social Intelligence

  • You are helpful to others in a variety of situations
  • You show that you care about the feelings of others
  • You adapt to different social conditions
  • You make the effort to include others, rather than try to exclude them


  • You recognise what other people have done for you
  • You show appreciation of the opportunities presented to you, and you make the most of those opportunities
  • You do nice things for others as a way of saying thank you